In Action

in action.

“I have injured finger joints and they make my fingers feel stable. With the Gryppers I don’t feel like I would need to wear any tape. Plus I still have good range of motion. I really like this idea!.. Having Gryppers on increases the motor skills in my non-dominate hand”

“Honestly the accuracy of my passes has improved! I’m able to have good control on the ball when my hands get sweaty because of the Gryppers.. I’ve been wearing them in every practice since I got them… I’m loving them! I’m not playing another game without them.”

"They (Gryppers) did exactly what you said they would do. They felt like protection on my fingers and definitely gave me really good grips.”

“I can see where these can help out a lot because most injuries occur to the middle finger. Gryppers make my fingers feel strong.”

“I can tell that I had better control of the racquet and with these (Vyse Gryppers) on I wasn't worried about blisters.”

"I brought them out to the team and they thought they were awesome. The guys love the idea and the feel of just having individual finger gloves to aid in ball control rather than wearing something that covers your whole hand. They said they noticed an improvement in the fluidity of their throws and catches, it was a more secure feel with the ball helping us not worry about that as much. A confidence booster as well having them”

The perfect grip.
The perfect color.

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